Avoiding Rogue Traders


There are a variety of things to consider when youre looking out for rogue traders and learning these should help you avoid any problems with the work youre having conducted.

Firstly, no matter how convenient it may seem for a workman to appear on your doorstep and tell you that theyre carrying our work in your area, dont be tempted into handling over cash.

Most reputable tradesmen are too busy working to go door to door touting for business. If you are really keen to try this route, then you should at the very least speak to someone in your local area who has already had work carried out by the tradesman.


When you receive flyers through the post from local tradesmen, you must always do some further research before you decide to employ them. The flyers may be from reputable tradesmen, but cant take that for granted.

Getting flyers out is an easy way for a rogue trader to get more interest in his or her services, so find out as much information as you can about them before contacting them.


Always have a list of prepared questions to ask them also. If a tradesman can only provide you with a mobile number, take this as a warning sign. Most reliable tradesmen will provide you with a landline number, as well as a business address that you can contact them at.

If something goes wrong during the work being carried out, only being able to get in touch with your tradesman through a mobile number isnt your best option. Likewise if you find a local tradesman in a shop window advert. Remember that anyone can put an ad in a shop window and youre really going into the situation fairly blind.

Always research as much as possible and try to avoid these obvious rogue trader scams.


If you enter into an agreement with a tradesman you should always ensure that it will be them or their staff that are carrying out the work.

Many rogue traders will push you into an agreement at your home or over the doorstep and then simply subcontract out. Get it in writing that the person youre signing the contract with will be the one doing the work.


Never hand over money to a tradesman before the work has been carried out. Many rogue traders will look for a large amount of cash up front or will ask specifically for the full amount before the work begins.

If youre having a job carried out that is likely to take some time, agree to a payment schedule that reflects the stages of progression from your tradesman.

Never feel pressured into agreeing a deal there and then that may not be available the next day. Reputable tradesmen will quote you the same amount on different days as the work hasnt changed. Rogue traders will try and convince you theyre cutting you a deal when all theyre really doing is making a ploy to get as much money from you as possible.


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